Today, we are proud to say that all of our employees are certified and bonded.

Our Prices for standard Notary is $10

Mobile Notary price is $10 with a compensation fee for travel

•When getting a notarization, remember: it is better to NOT to sign when not in front of the Notary.

•When you see “Subscribed & Sworn” on your document, if there are any mistakes or if you’ve signed before hand, you must get a NEW COPY of the page. NO DO-OVERS.

•You must bring in one of the listed acceptable forms of Identification.

•Look over the document before coming to notarize because you might run into some troubles before you can have it done. If it needs any witnesses, WE CAN NOT PROVIDE THEM!

•A Notary CAN’T give out legal advice or advise you on anything in your document other than what is already stated on the document.

•If you have a complicated document or if you want to make sure you’ll make it in time for a Notary, call ahead first.

•Lastly, give yourself 30 minuets or more to have the notary done.